Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a Gear Peer account?

If you don’t yet have a Gear Peer account, simply visit

You can use your email address or sign up via Facebook. Signing up for Gear Peer is completely free, whether you’re looking to search for and rent gear, or make yours available for other to rent.

Can Gear Peer deactivate my account?

Gear Peer may limit, suspend, or deactivate your account based on repeated violations of the Terms of Service or if you repeatedly lapse in your response time to requested rentals on your listings.

If you let 7 consecutive gear rental requests expire, Gear Peer will temporarily remove your listing from available rentals. Gear rental requests expire after 24 hours. This temporary removal will stop renters from requesting your gear and not receiving a reply or confirmation. This action also ensures you won’t suffer from low user ratings and reviews.

If your listing is temporarily removed, you must contact us to have your profile reinstated. You will not be able to register using the same email until the issue has been resolved.

How can I cancel my Gear Peer account?

In the event you decide to cancel your account, visit your Dashboard and go to Edit Profile. There, you'll find a 'Delete Account' link. It will ask you to confirm, in case you hit it by mistake. If you need to reopen my account, please contact us.

Can people of any age use Gear Peer?

Only adults 18 years of age or older can create user profiles, list gear, rent gear, or otherwise facilitate a transaction via Gear Peer.

What happens if an Owner doesn’t provide the equipment at the agreed upon place and time?

If the Owner does not hold up their end of the reservation from a scheduling perspective (e.g., he/she is late or doesn’t show up at all), the Renter can choose to cancel the reservation at no charge.

Are there any types of gear prohibited on Gear Peer?

While Gear Peer prefers not to limit users from sharing any type of gear, our insurance stipulates we prohibit certain types of listings to ensure the safety of all users. The following types of gear are not permitted on Gear Peer: weapons of any kind, ammunition, fireworks and incendiary devices, Oxygen tanks, and all motorized vehicles are strictly prohibited on Gear Peer, as part of our Terms of Use. Gear listings that fall into these categories will be flagged and removed. If a user twice lists a prohibited gear type, that Gear Peer user profile will be automatically suspended. Reinstatement to good standing of user profile is subject to review. Gear Peer reserves the right to remove any user or cancel any rental at any time for any violation or abuse of Gear Pear Terms of Service.

What if I have an item that does not fit into an existing rental category?

If you find your gear does not fit into one of our listed categories, please email us at with your item and a suggestion for the appropriate category name. We cannot address all requests, but we will do our best to grow the categories list to include as many types of gear as we can!

What happens if an Owner doesn’t provide the equipment in the advertised condition?

If the Owner does not hold up their end of the reservation from an equipment perspective (e.g., the equipment is in poor condition or is different than displayed on the site/app), the Renter can choose to cancel the reservation at no charge. Please leave a peer review accordingly to your experience. Our community is what makes us thrive and keep everyone honest.

As an Owner, what happens if a renter cancels a reservation?

There are three levels of cancellation policies that Owners can choose whether or not to enforce in the event a Renter cannot fulfill the reservation.

Regardless of Owner’s set Cancellation Policy, the Owner can choose to waive all charges after speaking to a Renter because of certain, extenuating circumstances. In these scenarios, the renter will receive full refunding including Gear Peer Transaction fee.

How do the Gear Peer email notifications work?

You will be notified via email of every transaction your account is involved with. You will also be notified when you receive a message, list new gear or receive a request for rental.

Will I receive Gear Pear notifications via my social network accounts?

No. All Gear Peer notifications will be sent to the email account you have associate to Gear Peer, and through the messaging service within Gear Peer.

Can I pay with any currency?

Currently, Gear Peer transactions can only be executed in USD.
As Gear Peer expands to different countries, we will begin accepting additional currencies.

How do referrals and gear rental credits work?

If you are a gear lister, each time you upload a new Gear Peer listing or complete a Gear Peer rental, you will be given a referral credit link via email that you can share with others via email or social media. Your friends will need to click the link you provide and create a new Gear Peer account in order for you to receive future credits.

For each person you refer that creates a gear listing, you will not be charged the 15% Gear Peer fee on a a confirmed rental reservation. For example, if you refer 10 people and they all create gear listings, you will keep the full charge on your next 10 confirmed rental reservations.

You will see the price adjustment credits automatically. These credits cannot be applied to rentals of your own, and they expire two years after the date they are issued.

Which browser works best on Gear Peer?

Gear Peer works across all browsers, on all devices - including smartphones and tablets.

How can I contact Gear Peer?

To contact a member of our customer services team, please email us at and include the issue(s) with which you need help. Please keep in mind we are new and employ a relatively small team, but we will always do our best to respond as quickly as possible to make sure you have a great experience using Gear Peer.

We have done our best to make our FAQ as comprehensive as possible, so before reaching out to Gear Peer, please make sure your issue isn’t already covered.

For problems with a reservation, first contact the owner of the gear you rented or the person to whom you have rented gear.

If you have sustained an injury while using gear rented through a Gear Peer reservation, please seek immediate medical attention.

If the gear you rented through Gear Peer has been stolen, lost, or damaged, please contact the owner of the gear immediately.

If you are the owner of gear that has been lost, damaged, or stolen, please visit our Insurance Center to learn how to start a claim.

How do I edit my profiles

After logging in, on the right hand corner where your name is shown, click on it and you will see the "Edit Profile" link in the drop down. Alternatively, you can access your Dashboard, and then click the "Edit Profile" link on the side bar.

Why is a Gear Peer profile and profile photo required to utilize the services?

It's not required. But our service, like any other product or service you use is based on trust. Your profile is the first thing other users will see when requesting to rent your gear or deciding on whether to let you rent their gear. We strive to create a community of like-minded people through Gear Peer, one that is built on trust, honesty, and safety. Listers and Renters on prefer to complete rentals with people who have robust profiles, accurate photos, and several verifications.

The more complete your profile, the more trustworthy you are to other users, which in turn leads to more successful rentals and more experiences, whether you’re a renter or an owner.

The best Gear Peer profiles include:

  1. A clear profile photo
  2. User verification
  3. A short description depicting why you came to Gear Peer and anything else that you think another member of the Gear Peer community would want to know before entering into a rental experience with you

What are verifications?

Verifications are a way to link your Gear Peer profile to other personal information, such as your phone number, email address, credit card, or Facebook profile.

You can use any and all verification methods for your Gear Peer profile, but the more you choose to include, the higher sense of trust your profile will elicit from other users.

Gear Peer also allows you to see what verifications other users have entered into their profiles.

How can I verify my profile?

Visit your account Dashboard, go to Edit Profile and follow the Verification link.

Gear Peer verifications include:

Email Address
Phone Number
Reviews: Users can rate and review their Gear Peer experience with you after completed rental experiences
Photos: You are required to post at least one profile photo and one photo per listing.

How do I verify my email address, phone number, and online ID?

Is verifying my ID via the available verifications secure?

The information you provide Gear Peer to verify your account is bound by our Privacy Policy transmitted using SSL, which is the same encryption that many websites, including Gear Peer, use to transmit credit card information. The SSL enable us to encrypt data so it cannot be deciphered or used more than once.

Why didn’t I receive an email notification or verification email from Gear Peer?

This could happen for a few reasons. First, check to make sure your email address is accurate in your Gear Peer account. Do that by logging in with your username/password and visiting your Dashboard > Edit Profile..

If that’s not it, check your spam folder. It’s possible your email provider mistakenly flagged our email as spam and sent it to your junk folder. You can avoid this inconvenience by removing our emails from your spam list.

How Do Reviews Work?

All of the reviews on Gear Peer are written and posted by Owners and Renters, based on a completed gear sharing experience. These reviews are based on a 4-star rating and a comment describing one’s experience. Reviews help Gear Peer users carefully vet the people they wish to rent gear to or from, ensuring the best overall experience for both sides. Reviews are critical to keeping the Gear Peer community open and honest. Although they are optional, we encourage both Owners and Renters to post a review after each completed gear sharing experience.

After a transaction is completed, Gear Peer will send the Owner and Renter an email prompting you to post a review. Reviews can be edited at any time, so long as the transaction has been completed.

Reviews about you can be found in the Reviews tab of your profile. If you've rented an item, we will email you after your reservation has occurred to remind you to submit a review. In case you are busy at the time or simply forget, we will keep your pending reviews for you in your Dashboard under the Reviews link.

What makes a good review?

Aside from the star rating system, Gear Peer reviews feature comments of up to 500 words. Please refrain from leaving personal information about the party that you are reviewing in the comment, like their phone number, email, or last name. Anything that we deem inappropriate will be flagged and removed, so please be as objective as possible.