About the Company

Gear Peer was founded in October 2013, and is based in Los Angeles, California. It is a community where people can share their gear with friends, neighbors, and travelers, and where locals and tourists can find the key to a new adventure, rediscover an old passion, or cross a long-awaited project off their list.

If it's a mountain bike, surf board, circular saw, roof rack, or all of the above, Gear Peer acts as the gateway to a customized experience for renters while providing owners an opportunity to dust off the equipment in their garage and share it with the world. Gear Peer is constantly growing its community to ensure a complete experience for all and there are plans to expand beyond Southern California in the near future.

The Founders

Bryan Schluntz, COO

Bryan is the Chief Operating Officer at Gear Peer, as well as a co-founder. While the business structure and overall strategy is Bryan's focus at Gear Peer, he is also involved in the platforms development and the ongoing adaptation of the company. Bryan graduated from the University of Vermont with a BA in English and brings his experience from the sports and entertainment production industry to Gear Peer.

AJ Nseir, CPO

AJ is the Chief Product Officer at Gear Peer, as well as a co-founder. In addition to his work with Gear Peer's marketing, brand identity, and communication strategy, AJ helps to oversee development of Gear Peer as a leader in the sharing economy, both from a technical and philosophical perspective. AJ graduated from Marist College with a BA in Communication and the University of Southern California with an MFA from the Dornslife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences and held many positions in the entertainment industry before co-founding Gear Peer.